About US

Business Overview

Initial Phase

Commencement of business from 31st October 1995. Established under the PMRY Scheme.

Within 2 years of its commencement, it offered its books under the label ‘DNYANGANGA’ for exhibition. Organizers of at least 6 exhibitions in every calendar year.


The business operates through a 1400 sq. feet air-conditioned premise from the present address.

Distributors of a wide genre of Marathi literature books.

Organizers of at least 6 exhibitions in every calendar year in the name of ‘Dnyanganga’.


CEO and Founder of Dnyanganga 

Shri. Umesh Kisan Patil


My Vision for Dnyanganga is to:

  1. Increase literacy among the youth as well as inculcate the habit of reading books among the common public.
  2. Promote an appreciation for books and the enjoyment of reading and learning.
  3. Facilitate online shopping for books, hence reduce time & effort by adopting e-commerce.
  4. Now in the name of Dnyanganga Prakashan, we have published several Marathi books. 

Comfortable & Cost Effective

Patil Enterprises is among the very few business houses which have a fully air-conditioned premise dedicated to Marathi books.

Gradually the business has diversified its product line by venturing into the sale of English books too along with Marathi books.

In the exhibition ‘Dnyanganga’, organized by Patil enterprises offers around 20% discount to ‘book club’ members.

A large distributor of books of around 250 publishers from a wide sphere of literature.

Patil Enterprises endeavors to enter into retail business too through opening retail outlets throughout Pune.